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Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Family Newsletter of Central Baptist Church
“Building the Greatest Church since Pentecost”
Bro. Billy Galloway, Pastor
Bro. Danny Johnson, Minister of Music

December 1, 2019


From the Desk of Bro. Billy

At a young tender age we begin to teach our children to say, “Thank You!”  Then as we grow, acknowledging gifts, kindness, and gratitude should become a habit.

Strange as it may seem, we tend to remember to thank people more than we thank God, the One who has given us life and everything in it - and He continues to shower us with gifts every day of our life. 

Psalm 107:1 - “O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good: for His mercy endureth for ever.”

Gratitude is an essential aspect of our worship.  We are called upon to Worship God because He is good.  He has shown His goodness to us through loving parents.  He has blessed us with concerned Sunday School teachers who to a large extent put up with our shenanigans.

Never cease to be thankful for them and be thankful to God that He placed you into a loving home and the caring Church that He placed you in.


Around my house, there is always something that quits working, or starts messing up for some unknown reason.  Most of the time I can get it back on it’s feet and working again. Then there is some times when the problem is above my ability, even if I try, I cannot fix it.  So we call in an expert and soon after a while and a big check, the problem is fixed. Our lives are like that, we can take an aspirin for a headache or a stronger pill for a backache.  Then sometimes our malady is more than we can remedy ourselves, and we need an expert, the doctor of course to help us fix the problem. What about our nation? Our America is broken and it is above mortal man to fix it.  Man cannot fix sin or strife. We need an expert, that is Jesus, our great fixer of sin and strife. If only our leaders could realize that this problem cannot be fixed by laws, or other bills. Only Jesus and him alone can fix this problem.  I wish America would just go ahead and send for Jesus. He is the only answer. Praise His Name!

Bro.  Danny


While watching the many holiday commercials on TV, I began to reflect about Christmas as a child, versus Christmas 2019.  On one particular commercial, shoppers were rushing and people were pushing through unbelievable crowds, just trying to hit a “sale”!  Brightly colored boxes and bags were filled with the latest toys, clothes or electronics. A new car with a huge bow was waiting in a driveway.  Flashy diamonds were displayed on a hand or wrist… it was a frenzied mess of what we call the “Holiday Season.”

           Then, I remember the Christmas of my childhood.  I came from a farm family where friends, church, and community were valued.  I loved the season because of the excitement and wonder of Christmas. Our family always went to the big city (Kansas City) to see the lights and enjoyed hot cocoa on the way home.  Christmas Eve was spent at Grandmother’s house where all the cousins met, played, and ate a delicious meal. Each child read a part of the Christmas story and carols were sung. A gift exchange followed later that night.  I anxiously awaited Santa – he always brought two gifts – a needed item and a toy!

          The Adult and Children’s Christmas program was later that morning and I knew a special sock filled with goodies waited for each child from our pastor and his wife.  Lunch was eaten at Grandmother’s, and the leftovers were yummy! Finally, Daddy would hitch up and old car hood to his tractor and all the kids would go for a lively sled ride.  What fun! What joy! What chaos!

            I doubt society will refocus on the important things in life – family, friends, peace, joy… but I long for those days.  Days filled with love, awe of our Christ, peace, less anxiety… During this blessed season, I challenge each of you to step back from the frenzy, the strain, the worry, and focus on the “perfect gift” for everyone – Jesus Christ!   Merry Christmas! I love you! Reva


December 2019

Upcoming Church Events

1 - Vote on 2020 Budget

1 - Deacon Meeting - 4 PM

2 - Minister’s Fellowship - 10:30 AM - LCC

2 - Christmas Parade

3 - Men’s Ministry Mtg. - 6:30 PM - Hosting

6 - Mary/Martha Class Party - 11:30 AM

7 - Children’s Caroling - 4 PM

8 - Deacon Vote - 11 AM

8 - Angel Tree Gifts Due

10 - Young at Heart Luncheon - Noon

14 - Mixed Adult Party - 5:30 - Jr. & Bonnie’s

14 - Young Adult Party - 6 PM - Fellowship Hall

15 - Children’s Fundraiser - Bake Sale

18 - Children’s Party - 6:00 PM

22 - Cantata - 11 AM

22 - Children’s Program - 5 PM

Followed by fellowship

24 - Candlelight/Communion Service - 6 PM

25 - Christmas Day - Office Closed

29 - 5th Sunday Singing - 5 PM

31 - New Year’s Eve


December Food Pantry Need 

Canned Chicken and Tuna

A Staff Christmas Love Offering is being collected through our AM Service on Sunday, Dec. 22.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Our Church Goal:  $2,500.00


Angel Tree gifts are due in by 

Sunday, December 8

Please do not wrap the gifts.

Use gift bags or put in a white garbage bag.

Men’s Ministry Meeting

Tuesday, December 3

We are hosting this meeting.

All Men and Young Men are invited to attend.



Monday, December 2 at 5:00 PM

Children will be riding in the Picayune Christmas Parade.  Meet on Goodyear Blvd. & Wear your G.L.O.W. T-shirts

Saturday, December 7 at 4:00 PM

Children's Christmas Caroling

Sunday, December 15 - AM Service

Children's Presentation of 

"Mary, Did You Know"

Sunday, December 22

11:00 AM Service - Christmas Cantata

"The First Noel"

5:00 PM Service - Children's Program

"Twas, The Night Before Christmas"

followed by our Christmas Fellowship

Tuesday, December 24 at 6:00 PM

Christmas Eve

Candlelight/Communion Service

Christmas Parties

Friday, December 6 - Mary/Martha 

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM - Fellowship Hall

College Career - TBA

Saturday, December 14 - Mixed Adult

5:30 PM - Junior & Bonnie's Home

Saturday, December 14 - Young Adult

6:00 PM - Fellowship Hall

Potluck - $5 - $10 Gift for Gift Exchange

Wednesday, December 18 - Children's

6:00 PM - Fellowship Hall

Youth - TBA





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