Central Baptist Church
Saturday, August 15, 2020

Other Information

The Record Speaks – General Fund Budget Offering

Wkly Projected Offering Needed     $   4,483.00
Wkly Actual Offering Rec’d     $   3,125.50
                 (under)          $  1,357.50
YTD Projected Needed     $  138,973.00 
YTD Actual Rec’d     $   112,617.76
  (under)          $  26,355.24


 Today   Ford & Kandy            Next Sunday     Desiree & Kandy
Today     Chris & Ginnie      Next Sunday       Chuck & Missy


Updating our Member Church Directory

Please notify the Church office if you have a change of address, 

phone number, or email address.

August Food Pantry Need
Canned Soup & Canned Vegetables
(We do not need corn or green beans)
All non-perishable items are needed, our pantry is low and out of most items.

Ice Cream Social

Sunday, August 9 at 5:00 PM

Bring your favorite homemade ice cream, toppings, & cookies.

Join us for this time of fellowship.

Operation Christmas Child - 2020 Shoebox Goal: 300 Boxes

  Sign-out sheet on the back table.

Help us meet our goal of 300 Shoeboxes this year!  

Boxes are available!

No Postage due this year, it has been covered!! 

Donations needed of supplies for 2-4 year old boxes for boys and girls, school supplies, washrags, bar soap, combs, brushes (soft bristles for 2-4 year olds), and solid deodorant for girls and boys. 

If you would prefer to not go shopping, donations will be accepted

 and we will go shopping for you!!

Baby Shower - Sunday, August 30 at 2:00 P.M.

For Bradley & Rachel Alexander

It’s a Boy, Ryder!


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