Central Baptist Church
Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Other Information

The Record Speaks – General Fund Budget Offering
Wkly Projected Offering Needed     $   4,500.00
Wkly Actual Offering Rec’d     $  7,507.50
                 (over)          $  3,007.50
YTD Projected Needed     $   4,500.00 
YTD Actual Rec’d     $   7,507.50
(over)         $  3,007.50
Sunday School - 84
Discipleship Training - 35
January   15  Bobbie Penton
January    17 Katie Mooney
January   17 Lana Bagley
January    19 Danny Johnson


 CHILDREN'S CHURCH - Melissa & Youth
Today      Tammy & Kandy            Next Sunday     Ford & Kandy


Today     Lutrelle Taylor             Next Sunday    Chris & Ginnie Breland



Food Pantry Needs

Jelly & Rice

Lottie Moon - Goal $2,500 - Rec’d $1,992.31

Offering envelopes are available on the back table.

Pick up a box and use them for you tithes and offerings this year.

Children’s Activity - Wednesday, January 30

Going for treats at Slim’s

Bible Drills - Sunday at 5 PM

Bible Buddies - Grades 1 - 3

Children - Grades 3 - 6

Youth - Grades 6 - 12

Youth Soup Fundraiser - Sunday, January 27

The Nominating Committee is looking for a Mixed Adult Sunday School Teacher.  

Please contact a Committee member if you would like to serve in this area. 



NEEDED – Used RX Glasses and Sunglasses

Will be brought to Uganda by a medical team.

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Central Baptist Church 

Youth Fundraiser
Bring in your Claiborne Hill receipts and the Youth will receive 1% for every receipt turned in.

 There is a collection jar for Box Tops for Education on the back table. 
Please save your Box Tops and bring them in for our Schools.

Children’s Mission Classes on Wednesday at 6:30 PM
Ages 4 – Grade 6 are invited to attend.

 CBC youth group will now be accepting crushed aluminum cans as an ongoing fundraiser.
The bags of empty cans can be dropped off outside the youth building or given to Bro. Jesse.