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Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Family Newsletter of Central Baptist Church
“Building the Greatest Church since Pentecost”
Bro. Billy Galloway, Pastor
Bro. Danny Johnson, Minister of Music
Bro. Hunter Williams, Youth Director
May 1, 2018
                As you read this we will have just finished “Pearl River Alive,” our county wide crusade.  We are giving God all the glory for the souls that were saved and the countless lives that were changed.  What we must do now is to follow-up with all those who made decisions for Christ and assimilate them into the local church.  Our task is not complete until we have discipled them into strong, mature Christians.

          A special thanks to all who prayed, worked, and attended, making the Crusade a great success.

          We have a special emphasis every Sunday in May, May 6th – Senior Adult Day, May 13th – Mother’s Day, May 20th – Graduation Recognition, and May 27th – Baby Dedication, but every Sunday of the year should be a special day set aside for the worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

    Only the redeemed will hear His voice on that great day of catching away, even those who have passed from this earth will hear and go first.  What a day that will be!  All God’s children will be gone.  Did you ever wonder what the people who remain will think?  People will have disappeared, family members, friends, people who work with Christians.  It will certainly be a shock.  Many will realize because they have heard of the rapture, but didn’t believe it would happen.  Some will be confused.  There will be a lot of different responses to this great thing.  There will be a lot of sadness.  We have 2 types of people, God’s children will rejoice, Satan’s children will mourn.  We need to tell people about Jesus and this great day that is coming.  I know some won’t listen but we cannot give up.  Let’s keep on as this day will come as a thief in the night.  Make sure you and I are ready and then concentrate on our family and friends.  After this happens it will be too late, today is the day, right now!  Let’s get busy sharing God’s love.  This day is very close!  God Bless all of us!

                                                                      Bro. Danny Johnson


Life in the 21st century is hectic, to say the least.  If you find it a challenge just to make it to Church for the worship service, you might not be even be able to think about getting your children to Sunday school.  However, if you are serious about teaching your youth the truths of the Scripture, Sunday School is very much a part of their total spiritual experience.  Here are a few reasons why Sunday school is important. See if you agree…..

When your little ones go to Sunday school, they will find the age-appropriate Bible lessons about God that their young minds are eager to absorb.  Their teachers can shape the lessons to meet the comprehension level and interest of any age.

Parenting is tough, but when you have Sunday school teachers working to mentor your children, they can provide another source of guidance.  When you take your children to Sunday school, you can rest assured you have qualified help with their spiritual education.

If you want your children to make more friends, Sunday school is a great place to find them.  As they learn together, they’ll be able to form healthy friendships with children whose parents have the same priorities as you.

Consistency is the key. If you start consistently taking your younger ones to church at an early age, they will learn the good habits of church attendance. For the rest of their lives, they’ll benefit from the knowledge they gained in Sunday school.

Don’t forget the importance of having fun. With talented teachers, and friends they enjoy, your youngsters will love going to Sunday school every week.  This is a great way to show your kids learning about God can be really cool.

If you’re looking for a great place to get your youth off to a good start, please join us Sunday mornings at 10 a.m.  See you there…..                                                                                                               Bro. Tommy Johnson


Upcoming Church Events

  1 – Young at Heart Luncheon

  3 – National Day of Prayer

  6 – Senior Adult Day

  6 – Deacon Meeting – 4 PM

10 – Adult Fishing Day – 6 AM

12 – Fellowship Hall Reserved - PRCMS

12 – Lacey/Tyler Wedding - W. Union – 5 PM

13 – Mother’s Day - NO PM SERVICES

20 – Graduation Recognition

27 – Baby Dedication

27-1 – Youth Camp

28 – Memorial Day - OFFICE CLOSED

30 – Children’s Activity


Shipwrecked VBS - Coming June 11 - 15, 2018
Now recruiting teachers and helpers!!
See Ms. Sandra Burke for more information.

VBS – June 11 – 15

8:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Age 4 – Grade 6

Registration Forms are available

in the Church Office.



May Food Pantry Need

Canned Vegetables


Congratulations to our Bible Drillers

Bible Buddies – Sara Kennedy

Children – Zak Kennedy

Youth – Lana Bagley, Joshua Kennedy, Samantha Kennedy, and Gabby Spiers


HELP NEEDED!!! We are looking for an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Coordinator for the 2018 season. If you would be willing to serve in this area please contact the Church office.
Time to start filling those shoeboxes again!!
***Pick up your empty OCC shoebox(es)
***Fill it up with supplies
***Insert check for $9.00 per box, to cover postage (Make checks payable to CBC)
***Return to church by November 11


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