Central Baptist Church
Sunday, April 18, 2021

Other Information

The Record Speaks – General Fund Budget Offering

Wkly Projected Offering Needed     $   4,483.00
Wkly Actual Offering Rec’d     $   4,019.00
                 (under)          $     464.00
YTD Projected Needed     $ 62,762.00 
YTD Actual Rec’d     $  59,358.36
  (under)          $  3,403.64
Sunday School - N/A
Happy Birthday!
April 14     Tobias Keough
Children's Church - Landry & Lana
 Today   Desiree & Matty Jo           Next Sunday    Sandra & Matty Jo
Today     Doug & Bobbie         Next Sunday  Michael Butler
Today   Michael Butler       Next Sunday     Harlen Henegar


Food Pantry

March Items - Peanut Butter & Jelly

April Items - Canned Chicken & Tuna

Ark Trip - June 5 - 11

Deposits are due now!!  Please see Mary to make your deposit.

Tickets and Rooms have been booked!!

Balance will be due by May 5th.


Now is the time to start on our 2021 Shoebox collecting!

We will begin collecting items for our Shoebox packing party.  

March items needed:  Solid Deodorant, Toothbrushes, Hair Brushes

April items needed: Scissors, Crayons, Wash Cloths

Donations are being accepted to buy supplies 

for our packing party.

Teacher needed for the Pre-School Class, 

Age 4 - Kindergarten, please let us know if you would 

like to teach this class.  Thanks!

Attention Youth - Summer Camp Sign-Up

June 14-18, 2021 in Panama City Beach, FL.

“Rocky Railway” VBS - Coming June 28 - July 2

Teachers and helpers needed in all areas!  

There is a sign-up on the back table.

Our Church Goal: $2,000.00       YTD Rec’d $1,150.00

National Goal: $70 Million

 Two by Two Ride
To Benefit the Children*s Ministry
Central Baptist Church, McNeill, MS
When: Saturday, May 15 - Registration 9-10:00
Ride starts at 10:00
Where: 20 Sones Chapel Road, McNeill, MS 39457
Cost: $20.00 per motorcycle - includes 96 mile ride and lunch at the church after the ride.
All proceeds go to help fund the children*s trip to
The Ark in Williamstown, KY
and the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY this June.