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Sunday, December 10, 2017


Family Newsletter of Central Baptist Church
“Building the Greatest Church since Pentecost”
Bro. Billy Galloway, Pastor
Bro. Danny Johnson, Minister of Music
Bro. Hunter Williams, Youth Director
December 1, 2017
       Exodus 12:14“And this day shall be unto you for a memorial; and ye shall keep it a feast to the LORD throughout your generations; ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for ever.”

            Philippians 4:6“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.”

            Thanksgiving Day, a day set aside as a memorial to remember the blessings of Almighty God upon our America and upon us individually.  Yet how many will actually take time on Thanksgiving Day to think of the origin of this National Institution?

            The Pilgrims were the first to celebrate Thanksgiving.  The Pilgrims were a group of Puritans who had landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620 in search of religious freedom.  That first winter was severe and many of them died.

            In 1621 Governor William Bradford proclaimed a day of “thanksgiving and prayer” to celebrate the Pilgrims’ first harvest in America.  In 1863 President Abraham Lincoln designated a national “Thanksgiving Day”.  Now Thanksgiving falls annually on the fourth Thursday of November.

            Let us be thankful for our forefathers who founded this great nation of ours.  Let us be thankful for the bountiful blessings we all experience and take for granted.  But most of all let us be thankful for Almighty God who loved us so much He gave us His Only Begotten Son.  And our Lord Jesus Christ who willingly gave His life for our redemption and the Holy Spirit who pursued us until we realized our need of forgiveness.

            Thank you Lord for the blessings you have so bountifully poured out on me!



Everyone that has ever bought a new appliance, mixer, hair dryer, or a new car or truck knows that you will get an instruction manual or owners manual.  It will tell you how to operate that item, or how to service it or even give a trouble-shooting page.  Some of us guys seem to think that we don’t need this, but sometimes we have to check the manual to find a solution to a problem with it.  Now we as Christians have been given a life manual, it is God’s Word, The Holy Bible.  It teaches, it comforts, it gives assurance, and anything that we need to know about our life with Jesus is there.  The Bible is certainly a gift from God.  It is truly an instruction manual on how to live our life to be a blessing to others, and how to walk with God.  It will not help us unless we read it.  Be prepared for all things, good or bad.  Make sure you read God’s instruction manual.  May God Bless us all!

                                                              Bro. Danny Johnson

With Christmas just around the corner, it is a time for us to be thankful. The Central Baptist youth group has been generously supported and encouraged by the church all year long and we are extremely grateful that God is using this church to do great things in our students’ lives. Whether it is fundraising or praying for us, we truly do feel loved by our church. We are preparing for Winter Extreme and Passion and they are in close succession. We thank our church family and ask for your continued support as we continue to grow in our walk with Christ. God is doing amazing things and it is because of your prayer and support that we are able to continue on this path. Thank you and God bless you!                 Bro. Hunter Williams 
          Please come to Sunday School this week.  God will be there - He wants to talk to you.  See you Sunday @ 10 A.M.                                                                                                                                                            Bro. Tommy Johnson
Upcoming Church Events
  1 – Children’s Party – 3:30 PM - Youth Building
  1 – Mary/Martha Party – 5 PM
  3 – Vote on 2018 Budget
  3 – Deacon Meeting – 4 PM
  4 – Minister’s Fellowship - 10:30 AM - LCC 
  5 – Young at Heart - Noon
  5 – Men’s Ministry Mtg. - 6:30 PM – W. Union
  9 – Mixed Adult Party - 5 PM – The Fox’s
  9 – Young Adult Party - 6 PM – The Mitchell’s
10 – Deacon Vote
10 – Angel Tree Gifts Due
13 – Youth Party – 6:30 PM
17 – Christmas Cantata – 11 AM
17 – Children’s Program – 6 PM - Followed by fellowship 
20 – Communion/Candlelight Service – 6:30 PM
24 – Christmas Eve - Regular AM Services 
No PM Services
25 – Christmas Day – Closed
27-29 – Youth Conference
31 – New Year’s Eve -  Regular AM Services 
No PM Services


Christmas Activities

Friday, December 1 @ 3:30PM

Children’s Party in the Youth Bldg.


Friday, December 1 @ 5PM

Mary/Martha Class Party in the Fellowship Hall


Saturday, December 9 @ 5 PM

Mixed Adult Class Party at the

Home of Johnny & Matty Jo Fox


Saturday, December 9 @ 6 PM

Young Adult Class Party at Jr. & Kandy’s

Bring a $5 gift for exchange


Wednesday, December 13 @ 6:30 PM


Youth Christmas Party

Christmas Cantata

Sunday, December 17 at 11 AM

Presented by our Sanctuary Choir


“O, Holy Night”

Children’s Christmas Program

“Aaron, the Allergic Shepherd”

Sunday, December 17 at 6 PM


Followed by a time of food and fellowship.

Communion/Candle Light



Wednesday, Dec. 20, 6:30 PM

A Staff Christmas Love Offering is being collected thru our AM Service on Sunday, Dec. 17

You can donate by placing your gift


In an envelope designated for staff.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

National Goal:  $160 Million


Our Church Goal:  $4,000.00

Thank you!!


We had 145 Shoeboxes turned in for Operation Christmas Child!!

Angel Tree Gifts

Due in by Sunday, December 10!!



Gifts can be gift bagged or put in a white garbage bag.

Merry Christmas from the staff of

Central Baptist Church

Bro. Billy Galloway             Bro. Danny Johnson

Bro. Hunter Williams          Bro. Jesse Jones

Kandy Mitchell                        Matty Jo Fox


Tara Poolson                      Gracie Carter


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