“Building The Greatest Church Since Pentecost”


April 2022


The wretched woman lived a life of misery. Evil spirits stole her peace by day and her sleep by night. No one knows just how she came to be vexed by those seven demons. Perhaps her parents had dabbled with witchcraft and the occult. Maybe she rebelled against good and godly parents as a teenager, and this rebellion, which 1 Samuel says “is as the sin of witchcraft,” opened up her to demonic possession. Based on Jesus’ teaching in Luke 11:24-26, there is a very real possibility that Mary Magdalene had actually cleaned up her act at some time in her life, but soon slipped back into her old ways with a vengeance. The one demon who left in the first place returned at the last with 7 demons more wicked than he was.

While we are unsure how the demons came to stay in this poor woman, we are sure how they came to leave. Both Mark (16:9) and Luke (8:2) testify that Jesus had cast them out. In place of bondage, she found release. In place of turmoil, she found peace. Luke also teaches us that the one who has been forgiven the most will love the most (Luke 7:37-50). Oh how Mary Magdalen loved Jesus! While he was alive, she was one of several women who accompanied Christ on his travels and supported him financially (Luke 8:1-3) because of her love. When he died, she was standing nearby (John 19:25) because of her love. I cannot help but wonder if she worried that the departure of Christ would mean the return of the demons. If so, her concerns were short lived.

On the first day of the week after the crucifixion very early in the morning, Mary Magdalene and some other women arrived at the garden tomb of Jesus only to discover it was empty. The corpse of Christ was gone! When she bumped into a man whom she supposed to be the gardener, she begged of him where she could find the body of the one she loved so dearly. Then the unidentified man called her by name and she instantly recognized him as Jesus. He had kept his promise and risen from the dead. As he said, so he did. “I will not leave you comfortless; I will come to you.” Still Christ Jesus comforts those who are by his presence in our lives. We need not fear the devil or his demons since by his resurrection, Christ has conquered them!  Bro. Kyle


Our music program is beginning to come together thanks to the hard work of our musicians, praise team and technicians. A special thank you to Rhonda for the extra hours she has put in with the visuals and audio. We are all a team with one purpose in mind - to praise and worship All-Mighty God!

As we go into this Holy season of Easter, it is crucial that our music sets the mood of worship and helps convey the Easter message. This message conveys the true sacrifice of God's son and shows how deeply He loves us.

During this time leading up to Easter, use the words, music and specials to celebrate God raising His son from the dead, as well as the destruction of the power of sin and death forever!



Today I was thinking about our March Young at Heart meeting and what a great time of food, fun and fellowship we enjoyed! As usual, there was plenty of food, laughter, music, and fun but the most important part was the Christian fellowship.The Bible tells us that fellowship is very important for Christians- it allows us to learn, gain strength, and show the world who God is.

Romans 12:46 tells us to use our specific spiritual gifts to show aspects of God to a lost and dying world. Each of us has a gift we use together as a body of Christ- some have hospitality, some compassion, some kindness....when we use these gifts together, people see a little bit of God's greatness.

Next, Matthew 18:19-20 tells us fellowship makes us stronger. When we gather with other believers, we can learn and grow in our faith; it is also excellent for our souls!

Hebrews 10:24-25 tells us through fellowship, we encourage each other to keep our eyes on God and it lifts our spirits! Many of us need that.

Finally, I Corinthians 14:26 tells us we are not alone. When we are sad, concerned or lonely, other believers can lift us up and help us through the difficult time. They can also remind us to keep our eyes on God because He is faithful through both valleys and mountaintops.

If you have not attended one of our monthly meetings, I would encourage you to do so. We are so blessed to have a wonderful group of seniors at Central who love the Lord and each other.

Our next meeting will be April 12th and it promises to be a fun day! We will start off with an Easter Bonnet contest for everyone, and then Tara has a very special activity for us. Bring a friend, your favorite finger foods and get ready for a blessing!

Love you all!



April 2022 - Upcoming Church Events
3 - Deacon Meeting - 3 PM
3 - Church Council - 4 PM
3 - Easter Presentation - 5 PM
4 - Minister’s Fellowship - 10:30 AM - New City Buffet
9 - Youth Fundraiser - Car Wash - 11 AM
10 - Children’s Easter Program - 5 PM
12 - Young at Heart Luncheon - Noon
13 - Quarterly Business Meeting - 6:30 PM
14 - Assoc. Spring Meeting - 6:30 PM - Unity B.C.
15 - Children’s Easter Egg Hunt - 9 AM
McNeill Walking Trail
17 - Easter Sunrise Service - 7 AM
17 - Easter Worship Service - 10 AM
20 - Assoc. Bible Drills - 6:30 PM - Hosting
23 - State Bible Drills - 9:30 AM - Petal/Harvey B.C.
24 - Men’s Breakfast Fellowship - 8 AM
28 - Ministry Asst. Luncheon - 11 AM - LCC



Annie Armstrong Easter Offering

National Goal: $70 Million

Our Church Goal: $2,250.00

We welcome Bro. Kyle Jones as our Pastor and

Bro. Tyler Chisolm as our Youth Minister.

Youth Summer Camp will be held

in Shocco Springs, AL

May 29th - June 3rd, 2022.

Deposits for camp can be paid anytime,

but due dates are as follows:

1st deposit due April 3rd - $85

2nd deposit due May 15th -$85

Deposits cover registration, housing, and food. Souvenirs, etc., not included. Checks should be designated for Youth Summer Camp. Turn in payments to Shanna Keough. Contact Shanna for more details.

Men’s Ministry Breakfast Fellowship

Sunday, April 28th, at 8AM

All Men, Youth, and Boys are invited to attend.

Children’s Easter Program

“No Ordinary Egg”

Sunday, April 10 at 5 PM

Youth Fundraiser - Car Wash

for Youth Camp

Saturday, April 9

11 AM - 1 PM

They will also be selling lemonade and cookies!

Children's Easter Egg Hunt

Friday, April 15 at 9 AM - McNeill Walking Trail

Each child should bring ONE DOZEN candy filled

eggs to be hidden.


Sunday, April 17

7 AM - Sunrise Service

McNeill Walking Trail

10 AM - Easter Service

(We will not have Sunday School or Evening Services)

"How Great The Father's Love For Us"

will be presented by Mrs. Tara Poolson,

on Sunday, April 3 at 5 PM