December 2022




       Two banners hang in the front of our auditorium. One proclaims, “Lord of Lords,” and one “King of Kings.” Jesus, of course, is the lord and king in view. As we enter the Christmas season, pause to ponder briefly the significance of the biblical title, “King of Kings.”                                                                                                                                                                                                             At his first coming, he was acknowledged as the King of the Jews by a group of Gentiles, the wise men or magi, who made a pilgrimage to find him. Who were these magi and how did they know about him? Space does not permit much description here, but best we can tell, the magi arose as a priestly tribe among the Medes. Beloved Daniel (aka Belteshazzar) of old was promoted by Nebuchadnezzar to be their chief in Daniel 2:48. Doubtless as their leader, he instructed them from the Hebrew Old Testament which would have included Balaam’s prophecy about a star in Numbers 24:17. This knowledge was passed down. The magi alive at Jesus’ birth saw a spectacular (I think supernatural) star that guided them to the newborn king.                                                              The magi revered Jesus as the King of the Jews and gifted him with gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Herod feared Jesus as the King of the Jews and tried to kill him. When this same Jesus was dying in agony on the cross, a crown of thorns tormented his brow and a placard titled him as “King of the Jews.”  The ignorant passers-by taunted him about that claim.                                                      Things haven’t changed much. Still today, there are some who worship, serve, and gift him with their best. There are some who would love to wipe out the mention of his name. There are also some mock and make fun of his claims. To which group do you belong?

Bro. Kyle Jones, Pastor

 November is the month we focus on gratefulness, even though we should have grateful hearts all year. All of us have so much to be grateful for, most importantly our salvation. A few of the things I am grateful for are my church family, my pastor and wife, our hard working praise team and musicians, friends, my home, health,...too many things to mention. One way we can have a heart of gratitude at all times is to be in a state of praise and worship- constantly thank God for even the minute blessings we have each day.  Have a song of praise in your heart and you will see so many blessings we take for granted.

 During this special season of the year, I challenge you to focus on God and praise Him for His tremendous blessings!



Our Young at Heart met November 2nd and as usual, we had a lot of good food, music and laughs. I am so thankful for our seniors- they are a great group of folks (and excellent cooks, too!) At our business meeting we discussed sponsoring three angels this year- what a blessing for these children! Our group has always been very supportive of children and mission projects- that's another reason I love this group so much.

  November is the month we focus on being thankful for all God has done. Each of us have so much to be thankful for- we could never thank God enough for all He has done for us. I encourage each of you to daily give thanks for all God is doing in your life, even the seemingly small things. Having a grateful heart goes a long way to happiness and joy.

 I love each of you.


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Sunday, December 4, 2022 at 4 PM

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December 18, during Morning Worship.

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