“Building The Greatest Church Since Pentecost”
March 2022
Perhaps you’ve read about the curious little boy’s discovery
and the frank conversation that followed.
Ma, what’s that dusty thing high upon the shelf? Just look.
Why that’s a Bible, Tommy dear.  Be careful. That’s God’s book.
God’s book? Then quick, before we lose it,
We better send it back to God ‘cause you know we never use it!
The Bible itself records an interesting story about the time an adult discovered it.
The tale is twice told in 2 Kings 22 and 2 Chronicles 34.
Hilkiah the high priest discovered the book of the law while doing temple repairs and renovations.
Josiah was the king of Judah at the time, and he was about 26 years of age.
When Shaphan the scribe read from the book of the law, Josiah was greatly moved.
He sent to inquire of the Lord, and Huldah, a prophetess responded with
bad news for the nation but good news for the king. God would judge
the country for their idolatry, but forasmuch as the king’s heart was tender,
he humbled himself and wept before the Lord, he would not see the evil that was to come.  
Determined to do what he could for his people and his God, he put his
hands where his heart was, and went to work reforming the nation
in addition to rebuilding the temple. 
Consequently, there was a great revival and a 
great celebration of the Passover. “And like unto him was there
no king before him, that turned to the LORD with all his heart,
and with all his soul, and with all his might, according to all the law of Moses;
neither after him arose there any like him.” (2 Kings 23:25)
Like Hilkiah and Josiah, may we rediscover the powerful truths
of God’s Word and may God’s Spirit bring a great revival all across our land beginning with us.
Bro. Kyle
Psalm 100 says "Make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord..." Many of you have 
noticed a change in our morning worship service- a new face leading
the music and lovely ladies leading the congregation in worship. 
This past week we had a wonderful presentation from our children
who ministered through puppetry and several new praise songs
by our Praise Team. We also have a new Interim pastor and
Interim youth leader! These are just a few changes we have seen
in our church this past month since Bro. Danny retired.
We sure miss his smiling face but know he is enjoying his retirement. 
  If any of you would like to join our Praise Team or volunteer
to do special music, please let me know- all of us have a gift
and we need to share it. Our goal is to bring praise and worship
to our hearts so we will be ready for the message
inspired by God and brought by Bro. Kyle.


If you missed the February Young at Heart luncheon, you missed a blessing!
Meda had our tables decorated in a red and white
Valentine theme, and each guest received a small
box of chocolates. Our guest speaker, Nance Fitzpatrick,
PRC Clerk of Courts, gave an informative talk about her
duties, changes made in her office, and new updates
about voting issues and elections. I don't know
about everyone else, but I gained a new understanding
of how our voting system works!
I want to thank each person who donated non-perishables
to the Potter's House Ministry- the director was very
thankful for all the food donated. Please be in prayer
for this ministry and the men who are going through
the drug rehabilitation program. Not only are they
being given a second chance at life, but they are also
given the Word of God daily. Pray that God will bless
the seed being planted and many lives will be saved!
March 8 will be our next meeting- bring your favorite
potluck dishes and wear green or Mardi Gras colors!
We will not have a speaker, but there will be food,
fellowship, music and laughter!
Invite a friend to join us- they will be glad you did!
   Love you!  Reva

March 2022 - Upcoming Church Events
1 - Men’s Ministry Mtg. - 6:30 PM - Millcreek B.C.
6 - Deacon Meeting - 4 PM
7 - Minister’s Fellowship - 10:30 AM - LCC
8 - Young at Heart Luncheon - Noon
13 - Daylight Savings Time Begins - Set your clocks 
25 - Assoc. Speaker’s Tournament - 4 PM - Assoc. Office
27 - Men’s Breakfast Fellowship - 8 AM



We welcome Bro. Kyle Jones as our Interim Pastor and Bro. Tyler Chisholm as our Interim Youth Director.

Please continue to pray for our Pastor and Youth Director Search Committees as they continue their searches.


Vacation Bible School 2022

June 6 - 10, 5 - 8 PM

See Mary Kennedy for more information.

Central Baptist Church will be celebrating our 50th ANNIVERSARY this year! 

If you would like to serve on the planning committee for this celebration please contact the Church Office.

Your help is needed in furnishing any memorabilia, photos, church directories, etc.,

as we begin to assemble displays for this celebration.  Please turn in to the Church Office.  Thank you!

  Men’s Ministry Breakfast Fellowship

Sunday, March 27th,  at 8AM

All Men, Youth, and Boys are invited to attend.

Bible Drills

Wednesday at 6:30 PM

Children’s - Grades 3 - 6

Sunday at 5 PM

Youth - Grades 6 - 12

Speaker’s Tournament - Grades 10-12

Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday, March 13

Remember to set your clocks