September 2022



September 2022


       The Christian church in North America is in need of revival, and the nation of America is in need of spiritual awakening. A beloved old song says, “It is no secret what God can do. What He’s done for others, He’ll do for you.” Repeatedly the Bible affirms that nothing is too hard for the Lord—not even awakening America from her spiritual death or reviving the lukewarm church. 

Walter C. Kaiser, Jr., in his book, Revive Us Again, discussed several characteristics of great Old Testament revivals. This article will borrow heavily from his material in hopes that saints of God today will prepare our hearts for the Lord to send a great revival. 

“First, most revivals were preceded by a time of deep spiritual decline and despair” (e.g. the indecisiveness of Israel in Elijah’s day when he called them out for limping between two opinions). “Second, each of these revivals began in the heart of one of God’s servants.” Will you be the servant whose heart is kindled with fresh fire from heaven’s altar? In the third place, proclamation of the Word of God was central to the work that God was doing. In Nehemiah and Ezra’s day, the families, even with little children, assembled at dawn and remained till noon to hear God’s Word read for seven days. The fourth trait of those great revivals was that people returned to genuine worship of Yahweh. Jacob buried idols. Haggai called for authenticity. “Wholehearted, genuine worship of the living God became the chief delight and one of the foremost desires of each person…” Is that your desire?

Bro. Kyle Jones, Pastor





Today was my first Sunday Morning service back after two weeks of Covid. I was dragging.  If I'm honest I was focused on just making it through the service without too many mistakes on the music and without a coughing fit.  After the welcome we were signing "Somebody Loves Me" from the old shape note hymnal.  Halfway through the first verse, I suddenly heard this clear beautiful soprano voice coming from the second row.  

Now, my brain knows that my sister Brenda has been gone  for seven years, but it sounded so much like her, my heart told me to look up and see her standing there.  I had heard her sing that song so many times.  Mrs. Lisa Jones, I want you to know what an incredible gift you gave me when I heard you sing so much like my little sis.

I suddenly started having  a deeply personal worship experience - no longer worried about the music, or the flu, or really anything else.  I pray the music in our church will always contribute to the worship experience.  And I pray for each of you that worship will be deeply personal and you will experience the joy in worship that I did this morning.  God Bless you all. Harlen



Youth Ministry

We continue our Bible study on Wednesday nights, 

“Walk through the Gospel of Mark.” 

Sunday School - 9 AM

Sunday Discipleship Training - 5 PM

Wednesday Night - 6:30 PM

We look forward to seeing you here!!




If you missed our August meeting, you missed a blessing! Even though several of our group were missing, we still had a good crowd, a great picnic-style lunch and a lot of fun and laughter! The great part of this fellowship time is getting to know our brothers and sisters in Christ and learning some of their hidden talents. At this meeting, we learned we had many great story- tellers with vivid imaginations! The fun and laughter was exactly what we all needed.

  Next month we will host Rep Jansen Owen, so please try to be there and bring a guest! I am sure he will have important information for us. We will have our regular potluck lunch.

   Don't forget about our Sept-Oct "White Out" project for the Baptist Children's Village. Bring any non-perishable item that is white , and place it in the donation box in the Fellowship Hall. Items such as paper plates, paper towels, salt, rice, toilet paper. and many other items are needed. The youth will deliver these items at the end of October.

 I look forward to seeing each of you next month- please invite your friends.

 Love you all!  Reva


September 2022 - Upcoming Church Events

Monday, September 5 - Office Closed

6 -Young at Heart Luncheon - Noon

6 - Men’s Ministry Meeting - 6:30 PM - Corinth B.C.

8 - Senior Adult Choir Festival - 10:30 AM - LCC

11 - Deacon Meeting - 4 PM

12 - Minister’s Fellowship - 10:30 AM - Union B.C.

13 - Ladies Fellowship - 6 PM 

18 - 50th Anniversary Committee Meeting - 4:00 PM

24 - Church Clean-up Day - 8 AM- Noon

25 - Men’s Breakfast Fellowship - 8 AM

25 - Bridal Shower For Joshua & Savannah - 2:00 PM

28 - See You At The Pole!


Tuesday, September 13 at 6 PM

All Ladies invited for our 2nd Ladies Night.

Bring your favorite food and come fellowship with one another.

  Men’s Ministry Breakfast Fellowship

Sunday, September 25 at 8 AM

All Men, Youth, and Boys are invited to attend.

Sunday, September 11 at 4 PM

We are excited to announce that we have a bus ministry that runs every Wednesday evening.  If you know of a child that doesn’t go to church, please get with me.  We would love to reach out to them.  Our prayer is that the bus ministry will grow and that we will be able to run it on Sundays too.  

I know we have a couple of months before our Fall Fest, which will be October 30, 4 - 6 PM.  It is time to start thinking about what God would want you to do during this outreach opportunity.  We will be adding a few things to it this year, stay tuned for that!!  May God Bless each and every one of you.  

Love, Mary and the Children’s Committee


We will be celebrating the 50th anniversary/homecoming of our church on Sunday, October 2nd.  Plans are underway and we encourage you to pass the word to former members inviting them to attend along with us.  Former staff members will be participating in praise and worship, and a charter member will give a historical presentation.  The service will begin at 10:30 a.m., and a specially-prepared lunch will follow.  God has truly blessed Central Baptist Church throughout these years, and our prayer is to continue being a lighthouse in our community drawing folks to Him.

Church Goal - $1,750.00

State Goal - $2.2 Million

Saturday, September 24

8 AM - Noon

Bridal Shower for

 Joshua Kennedy & Savannah Dunhurst

Sunday, September 25th at 2 PM 

Registered at Wal-Mart and Amazon